How To Make Yourself Feel Better When Everyone You Know Is Going South

It’s that time of year.  The time when I’m dispensing Twinrix and Dukoral like crazy.  Then it happens.  The people you know start going on vacation.  And you’re stuck at home… in the snow… working.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them.  Everyone deserves some fun in the sun.  I just have some issues with jealousy.  And I know I shouldn’t complain because I’m going on vacation in just over five weeks.  I purposely chose April because that way I won’t have to deal with being home from vacation while every I know is leaving for vacation.  That is worse.  I’ve learned from experience.   

So here are some tips for when you’re home… pouring hot water on your ice cube of a car so you can get the door open (true story):

Burn a tropical scented candle.  I’m in love with Bath and Body Works!  They have so many amazing candles to choose from!  Two of my favorites are their Coconut Lime Verbena and Vanilla Coconut.  I think they might be older ones, but it seems like they have so many new tropical scents out right now.  I’m dying to try Aloha Vanilla and Island Colada!  Can I go to Mic Mac please??

Listen to Bob Marley or UB40.  Their reggae beats always make me feel like I’m in Jamaica.  Suggestions:  Red Red Wine, One Love, No Woman No Cry, Could You Be Loved, Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, Every Breath You Take.

Use tropical scented soap.  Again, B&BW is your best friend here.  Who wants to send me some Mango Mai Tai foaming hand soap?  But don’t forget about your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart.  Their SPAresource line has some pretty good options.  I’m in love with their Coconut Pineapple Hand and Body Soap.  Bonus: it’s cheaper than B&BW.

– If it’s a sunny day, bask in the sun in your apartment.  Some mornings when the sun is coming in my living room window it gets so warm that I can pretend it’s summer.  Then I get a huge shock when I go outside and it’s not 30°.

Drink a pina colada.  Blue Hawaiians, Miami Vices, and mango margaritas are good choices too.

Convince someone to set up/man an omelet station for you.  Freshly made omelets for breakfast everyday are one of my favorite parts of an all-inclusive vacation.  And omelets never taste as good when you make them yourself (or if you’re like me, you make a huge mess and it falls apart when you try to flip it).  So that’s why you need someone to do it for you.

Plan a trip yourself.  Ideally, you’d actually get to take it someday, but sometimes just looking at the destination travel brochures or Trip Advisor is enough to give you a boost.  The planning and anticipation are a huge part of the fun!

So there you have it… ways to pretend you’re down south when you’re not.  I hope these suggestions help!

9 thoughts on “How To Make Yourself Feel Better When Everyone You Know Is Going South

  1. BritBrat says:

    Very good entry Karen!
    Could always take some really high resolution images of some nice southern scenery, blow it up, and make them fit your windows, haha.

    Summer will be here before you know it 😉

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