Leap Day

So what did you folks do with your leap day?

I had to go for a follow-up appointment at the hospital.  I didn’t like that part.  Plus, because of the appointment, I had to miss yoga.  I didn’t like that part either.

Back when I was a pharmacy student I didn’t mind hospitals.  Most of the time I spent in them was part of school rotations, so if I was in one I was walking around in my lab coat with my Pharmacy Student ID card, thinking I was all that.  

But now hospitals make me anxious and nervous, and they smell gross, and the air is all hot and stuffy.  And I don’t like them.  

In an attempt at shock aversion therapy, hospital visits are now associated with downtown Halifax food and a trip to Lululemon.  Usually Darrell’s pitas, or the Your Father’s Moustache patio (weather permitting), or Rogue’s nachos.  Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Miranda tried this theory on Carrie when she was stressing out about marrying Aidan?  Ya, my version has worked out so much better for me.

So despite the bad hospital part and hearing “God love ya, your hair grew back” some good things happened on my leap day.

– Everything was good at my appointment.

– I got to say “hi” to my friend Val who works at the pharmacy in the hospital.

– I got to eat the BEST NACHOS IN HALIFAX!  Forget what The Coast tries to tell you, Rogue’s Roost is where they’re at.

– I had a (mini) mint Oreo blizzard.

– I stopped to get a coffee at Tim Horton’s because I was falling asleep while driving back from the city to work and I won a free coffee in the Roll up the Rim contest!!  And it’s the first (and quite possibly the only) Roll up the Rim coffee I got.  Karen: 1.  Roll up the Rim: 0.

– I saw someone on Facebook point out the fact that if you’re salaried employee, you’re essentially working for free on leap days.  And I’m paid by the hour!  So no free labor for me!

So all in all, while I didn’t use my extra day in 2012 for anything particularly exciting, what I thought would be a horrible day turned out not so bad!

P.S.  I’d just like to say thanks for the positive response to the blog!  I love getting comments!  Thanks for actually taking the time to read it!

3 thoughts on “Leap Day

  1. Erica says:

    great to hear your appointment went well (minus the whole hospital part). i’m a salaried employee so i guess that means i work for free. but not only that, i was mammal tracking and had to retrack a transect that i had previously tracked. so not only a free day but also kind of a day from the groundhog day movie

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