Swooning Over Edward Cullen and Butterscotch Martinis

My Friday night plans fell through.  Seems everyone I know had a virus.

Thankfully, Edward Cullen never lets me down.

I may be slightly Twilight obsessed.

I got the Breaking Dawn DVD the day it came out, but I actually had a social life for a couple of weekends and I didn’t have the opportunity to watch it until now.

I’m actually kind of glad things worked out the way they did.

Breaking Dawn is sooooooooo good!  Best Twilight movie yet!  And I know everyone has probably already talked about this months ago when the movie came out in theaters, but I feel as though it deserves another mention.

Team Edward all the way!  And it’s a strictly Edward Cullen, not Robert Pattinson, obsession.  I love the way he talks… his broodiness… his button up shirts in shades of grey and blue with their sleeves pushed up… his wrist band… his hair… the way he absolutely adores Bella and would do anything to protect her.

And when he tells her that no measure of time with her would be long enough, but they should start with forever…. SIGH!

Back when the movie came out, I told my boyfriend I thought he should love me more like the way that Edward loves Bella… he told me he was pale like Edward.  That’s the best I’m going to get I guess.

I just swoon over Edward!  OMG, the scene where he breaks the bed…. His back!  SWOON!

I always kind of wanted to go to Brazil, but this movie has made me DEFINITELY want to go to Brazil.  I want to see Christ the Redeemer (plus the Idiot Abroad went there… but that’s another story).  I want Edward to speak Portuguese to me.  I want him to stop the cab in the street and kiss me in the middle of a street party.  I want him to take me to a private island with a fantastic vacation home and play chess with me.  Well actually, I’d rather go for a moonlight swim with him.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a movie or a book.  Bella is so lucky.

So all in all, my Friday night wasn’t a total waste.  I had Breaking Dawn, my zebra print Snuggie, and butterscotch martinis to keep me company.

As for the rest of my weekend…  I tried to go to Body Pump, but apparently you need to show up more than five minutes before class to get equipment.  Only the really heavy weights were left, and I can barely make it through a class with the light weights… so I turned around and went home.  I also adjusted to Daylight Savings time, bought 7Up pajama pants, spent $100 on candles at Bath and Body Works (they were on sale.. I couldn’t resist!), watched Amazing Race (get it together Brendon and Rachel!), and broke a wine glass.  As you can see, it was a pretty eventful weekend.

Butterscotch Martini

(ever so slightly adapted from DrinksMixer)
2 shots Butter Ripple Schnapps
1 shot Vanilla Vodka
Fill martini shaker with ice.  Add booze and shake it!  Strain into martini glass and enjoy while staring longingly at Edward Cullen.
P.S. Martinis are also appropriate on a Monday night. Hello! Martini Monday!  You have my permission to make one of these tonight.

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