Tomato and Ricotta Spaghetti with Basil

I had some leftover ricotta cheese and basil to use up.  I also needed a quick and easy lunch after yoga, before going to work.

Internet search for recipes to the rescue!

What did people DO before the internet?  How did anyone find out anything?  I guess they used books and the library.  But it’s so much easier to type in a few words in a search box and badda bing badda boom – results!

I like to browse on  It’s one of the first websites I started looking at when I first started embracing my love of cooking.  I typed in “ricotta” and “basil” and found a potential recipe.  I read the comments and made a few adaptations of my own.

And here you have it… lunch or supper!

Tomato and Ricotta Spaghetti with Basil
(adapted from Allrecipes)
1/8 tsp red pepper flakes
1/2 cup ricotta
1 clove garlic, grated
28 oz can diced tomatoes, drained
1 tbsp Epicure Margherita sauce mix (if you don’t have, try 1 tsp oregano)
6 basil leaves, chiffonaded + more for topping
2 tsp parmesan
Spaghetti (enough for 2-3 people)
3-4 pieces of bacon, cooked and crumbled
Boil water in a pot, add spaghetti.  Cook until el dente.  Drain.
Meanwhile, heat 1 turn of pan EVOO on medium-low heat, add garlic.  Saute until golden.  Add tomatoes, chilli flakes, Margherita spices, pepper.  Simmer for a few minutes.  Add 6 leaves worth of basil.  Stir in ricotta until heated through.
Toss spaghetti with sauce.  Plate.  Top with additional basil, parmesan, and bacon (I’m sure diced pancetta would work too, if you had any of that left over).
*  There’s no bacon in the picture because I added it to the leftovers the next day.  I highly recommend the bacon!  Takes this dish from good to great!

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