Maui, Paradise Found!

I heart Maui!

Hands down my most favorite part of the trip!  Ka’anapali beach is by far my favorite beach that we went to in Hawaii.  The water was so pretty!  I have never seen water so clear.  I loved the colors of the ocean here.  The water transitions from a deep blue out far to turquoise, and then to light blue closer in, paired next to the beautiful sand.  I could have stared at that ocean forever!  The camera doesn’t do it justice

To top off the view, you can see the islands of Molokai and Lanai in the distance.

We stayed at the Royal Lahaina (owned by the same people who own the Royal Kona, which we stayed at in Hawaii) in West Maui.  It was about a forty-five minute drive from the airport, but it was a very pretty drive.  Much of it was along the coastline so I could do more ocean staring.  We passed by so many beach parks with surfers and paddle boarders out in the water.

Our days in Maui were spent sitting on the beach.  The perfect way to end the trip!  If we’d had more time, there’s so much touring I’d like to have done in Maui, like hike to the Iao Needle or drive the road to Hana.  But after two weeks of touring around, I just wanted to relax and enjoy the fabulous beach!

And wanna know the best thing about the beach??  WE SAW HUMPBACK WHALES RIGHT FROM SHORE!!  In all the time I’ve spent at the beach over the years, I’ve never seen that before.  It was so special!  I saw a whale jump right out of the water!  At one point there were probably about three whales out there, playing around.  They hung around pretty much all afternoon.  It was awesome!

Michael and I broke up the beach sitting by going to a luau and on a sunset sail.

The luau made me want to learn how to hula dance!  Although I’m pretty sure my butt and hips can’t move like that.  The fire dancing finale was pretty awesome!

And those whales I saw from the shore?  They were probably the same whales we saw later that day on the sunset sail!  That was an AWESOME bonus.  It wasn’t even a whale watching tour, but we followed the group of about three whales up the Maui coastline.  And the little baby (little being a relative word) kept jumping out of the water.  I’ve been whale watching in the Bay of Fundy, but this was way better!  I’ve never seen anything like it before.  And then to top off the cruise, we got to watch the gorgeous sunset while one of the crew played the ukulele and played the Over the Rainbow song.  The whole experience was so special!  I felt so happy and at peace.  Now if only I could feel like that everyday…

The hotel was awesome and I highly recommend it!  I loved their coconut-lime scented bath products.  I loved that they offer yoga classes some mornings with a natural ocean soundtrack and beautiful views.  I loved the little coffee and ice cream shop that was on the property that made the best strawberry papaya smoothies and macadamia nut coffee.  I loved having breakfast on the lanai of our hotel room and staring at the stunning view (which included humpbacks one morning).

Hmm… I wonder if they need pharmacists in Maui??

10 thoughts on “Maui, Paradise Found!

  1. Jess says:

    We stayed at the same beach, at the Honua Kai beach resort. I agree, pictures don’t do it justive, it’s absolutely beautiful there!

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