How Do I Love Thee Hawaii? Let Me Count The Ways

Are you sick of hearing about Hawaii yet?  I hope not.  I’m not sick of talking about it.

This is the last installment in my two week mini-series about my Hawaiian vacation. This is a list of my favorite things about Hawaii.  They are the things that make me want to go back there.  They are the things that make me smile.


1.  Everything is coconut flavored!  Coconut drinks, coconut soap, dried coconut to snack on… it’s all amazing!  Did you know Hawaiian Starbucks have coconut flavored drinks?  Mocha coconut frappuccinos and coconut cream frappuccinos!  Both are SO good, but I loved the coconut cream one more!  I also really loved the coconut pineapple flavored ice cream I had in Maui.

2.  Fresh pineapple and papaya are everywhere!  The pineapple in Hawaii is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Hands down, the best pineapple I’ve ever had!  Michael’s been trying to get me to eat papaya for a few years now (it has unique digestive enzymes in it, you know), and I was never really a fan of it until I had some in Hawaii.  Now I love it!  Just slice one of those mini ones in half, scoop out the seeds, and dig in with a spoon.  The ones here at home aren’t as good, but I still like to pick one up at the grocery store.  Eating papayas will always make me happy now because it reminds me of Hawaii!

3.  Sun, sand, and surf.  I am such a beach bum and the beaches there are beautiful!  I could watch the waves in Kona forever!  I want to decorate my house (when I eventually have one) in the color scheme I shall call ‘Ka’anapali beach’.

4.  The friendly people and their Aloha spirit.  Everyone we met in Hawaii was so nice!  We had many an great shuttle or cab driver.  The hotel staff were awesome.  The airport security guard even made a phone call for us when our shuttle wasn’t there to pick us up.

5.  The beautiful scenery and flowers.  The views are stunning everywhere!  Oceans, palm trees, volcanoes, waterfalls, lava rock.  It’s all beautiful!  And flowers everywhere!  Plumeria are now my favorite flower.

6.  Palm trees.  I think I need more palm trees in my life.  That’s definitely what the beaches around here are missing.  Do you think one could grow in the Maritimes if I planted it?

7.  Sunsets.  I fell in love with sunsets in Hawaii, and that love affair continued on to Maui.  I’m looking forward to trying to capture some sunsets around here this summer.

8.  I felt safe.  I loved that I was on a tropical vacation and could venture off on my own without worrying about getting caught up in some drug war shoot-out by accident.  I also loved that I didn’t need to brush my teeth with bottled water and I could eat all the fresh produce I wanted without worrying it would give me Montezuma’s Revenge.

9.  Flip flops and shorts.  I’ve decided I don’t like wearing pants or shoes.  I much prefer to feel the sand in my toes and the breeze on my legs.

10.  Outdoor dining.  I LOVE eating outside!  I love being able to feel the sun on my face.  And throwing in a pretty view or a sunset doesn’t hurt.  Bring on patio season!


As one of our shuttle drivers said, “Go home. Work hard. Pay the bills so you can come back here.” That’s what I hope to do.


This vacation made me realize that although vacations are a great source of happiness for me, I need to do a better job of finding happiness in everyday life, because as much as I want to, I can’t be on vacation everyday.  I feel inspired to look for the beauty that’s all around me.  I may not live in Hawaii, but there are still some beautiful places close to home.  I also want to try to incorporate some of the things I loved about being on vacation into everyday life, like eating papayas, not being a slave to Facebook/internet, and trying to eat at more outdoor patios this summer.  And if all that fails, I have souvenirs.  They’re a great way to take a bit of wherever you’ve been with you to where you’re going


What’s your favorite vacation that you’ve taken?

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