A Walk In The Park

In my quest for finding the beauty in things close to home, I took my camera along on the walk in the park Michael and I took on Sunday.

We went to Victoria Park since it was close to home.  It has two sets of waterfalls.  And we all know how much I love a waterfall.  The falls above are the Joseph Howe Falls.

Yes, that is a wild animal.  We saw a deer.  I’m glad it wasn’t one with antlers.  They creep me out.

These are the Waddell Falls.

It’s really interesting to go to the park in different seasons.  The falls are most impressive after a big rain, or when the snow is melting, as there’s more water gushing over them.  They were running pretty good on Sunday when we were there.  I even noticed some teeny tiny waterfalls that aren’t normally there in some grooves down the side of the gorge.

So here’s to exploring the cool places close to home this summer!  Hopefully this walk in the park is just the beginning.

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