Spiked Marshmallow Root Beer Float

Friends, I discovered a wonderful thing this weekend.

Marshmallow, whipped cream, and cake flavored vodka have finally made it to Canada!

I’ve only been waiting for this day for about a year… after seeing ads in American magazines and numerous cocktail recipes on blogs, and asking the liquor store clerks here for it.

And it comes a week after I was in the States and went to the liquor store specifically to find one of these flavored beauties to bring home with me.

So their arrival in Canada is somewhat a kick in the pants because I thought I was being all beat-the-system by bringing some home across the border.  Oh well, my marshmallow vodka was a MUCH better price in US, as is all booze.

The selection of booze they have down there is amazing!  And I was shocked by what a bargain it all is!  No wonder the Canadian government limits how much booze you can bring home.

Anyway, so in honor of my marshmallow vodka find (which you, fellow Canadians, can now find in a liquor store near you), I whipped up this delightful cocktail.  And let me just say, root beer makes an excellent mixer.

Oh, and did I mention you can get coconut flavored vodka now too??

Spiked Marshmallow Root Beer Float
(serves one, but can be easily multiplied)
2 scoops vanilla frozen yogurt
1 oz. marshmallow vodka
Root beer
Put vodka and frozen yogurt in a glass.  Top with root beer.  Stir.

2 thoughts on “Spiked Marshmallow Root Beer Float

  1. Erica says:

    Sorry to tell you Karen but there’s been a very large selection of these flavored vodkas out this way for a long time now

    • Really? They defintitely didn’t have the marshmallow, cake or whipped cream ones here until recently. I’d been asking for them with no luck before.

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