Weekend in PEI

The prettiest beaches in Canada are on the north shore of Prince Edward Island.

Of course, I may be biased.

I was going to PEI’s beaches before I was even born.  My due date was August 18, but I wasn’t born until September 12, so my mom kept going to the beach.  My grandmother said I’d be born at the beach.

And my love for the ocean and the sand was born.

I am only beginning to realize just how lucky I am that growing up, I had a stay-at-home mom who was able to take me and my brother and sister to the beach every sunny day (and even some not so sunny ones) in the summer.  I wish I could still do that.  Unfortunately, work prevents me from doing that.

I need to fit in my beach days when I can.

That’s why Michael and I went to PEI last weekend.  We stayed in Cavendish, land of Anne of Green Gables, right in the National Park, so we had easy access to the beach.

Now, the weather on PEI can be unpredictable.  Oftentimes, it’s much cooler on the coast.

Not this weekend.

In an unusual twist, Mother Nature co-operated and provided me with the best weather I’ve experienced when I’ve been on PEI in years!  It was like the stars aligned and I was provided with perfect beach weather.

They were perfect beach days which, according to me, consist of warmth, a light breeze (instead of gale force winds), calm seas, and crystal clear water.

So I took my lounger and umbrella and book and did some good beach sitting.

I also went swimming!  In June!  The first time that’s happened in years!

And I will say it wasn’t even bad!  My toes weren’t even numb!

And I got to accomplish one of my summer goals, which was to watch the sunset over the water.  Remember how much I love sunsets?

It was so hard leaving on Monday.  And even harder going back to work on Tuesday when the weather was jsut as beautiful.

My heart belongs to the red sandy shores of PEI.

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