1.  I had a dream the other night that a squirrel came into my house through a gap between a screen and a window.  I may have woken up worried that there was a squirrel in my bed.

2.  I’m scared to do yoga outside on my deck in case the squirrel shows up and climbs on me during savasana.

3.  I actually haven’t seen the squirrel in about a week.

4.  Did I ever tell you about how my landlord told me that a lady on the fourth floor had raccoons on her deck last summer?  If I saw a racoon on my deck, I would die.

5.  I had this sparkling sangria from The Bicycle Thief last night.  It was pretty tasty.  So was their red ravioli.

6.  Then I had an Avalanche Beaver Tail for dessert.  It was delicious.  And messy.

7.  I started reading Divergent last weekend, and when I got to page 25, there must have been a publishing error because it was completely black.  Then I went to Amazon to look at the book preview, signed up to get the extended preview, only to discover that they only preview the EVEN pages.  Did a Google search and found page 25 as part of a first 100 page preview, so I kept reading.  Then I got to page 48 and it was the same black page!  At least I knew where to look for it.

8.  Is it bad that I find an 18 year old fictional character sexy?  He’s all muscley and has tattoos.  Is it less creepy because in my mind, I think of him as in his mid-twenties, because obviously I am too old to read young adult fiction?

9.  I need to go out and buy the sequel, Insurgent, today.

10.  So now that I am completely invested in Divergent and in love with it almost as much as Hunger Games, I realize that the third book of the trilogy isn’t out yet and won’t be available until the FALL OF 2013!!!  I don’t know what I’m going to do until then.

11.  As you may have heard about on Facebook, I tried to grill corn in its husk, and sort of caught it on fire.  Luckily, the BBQ didn’t blow up.

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