Crystal Crescent Beach

No, that’s not that Caribbean.

It’s Nova Scotia, baby!

The white sand and turquoise waters remind me of the tropics.

The water certainly doesn’t feel like the tropics.  It’s quite possibly the coldest water I have ever swam in.

But it’s so pretty!

5 thoughts on “Crystal Crescent Beach

  1. Love your beach pics! I must admit I am a tad jealous…it’s been a long winter here in Australia and I am hanging for the weather to be warm enough for the beach again!
    I spent some time in Canada last year (Edmonton mainly), but never made it to the East Coast…looks like I missed out. Will have to get over there one day.

    • How cold does it get in Australia? I have a feeling it’s less snowy that our Canadian ones 🙂
      I’m really not looking forawrd to winter, which is fastly approaching. But must go through winter to get to summer again!

      • Yes, far less snowy! There are some regions where it does snow but nowhere near like it snows in Canada! An nowhere near as cold! For the most part, our winter in the southern part of the country, where I am, is similar to Vancouver…rainy, windy, cloudy, might dip below 1 degree (Celsius) a couple nights a year, but that’s it. Still miserable, though! Am a summer girl.

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