Battling The Fall Blues

I’m pretty sure this is the last time I will be showing you beach pictures for a while.

I am not one of those people who loves fall.

I live for summer, in case you hadn’t noticed.

I need oceans and beaches and greenery and flip flops and bikinis and skirts and sun dresses.

I need to feel the warmth of the sun shining on my face.

I sort of like spring because it is full of promise and optimism and hope.  Good things are coming and the days start to get longer.

But I have a hard time with fall.

Days start to get shorter.  The air gets cooler.  And you’re the farthest from beach season you can be.

And it used to be better when fall meant going back to school and reuniting with friends and a fresh supply of highlighters, pens, and binders.  I could get on board with that.

But this year, my fall blues are in full swing, and I feel like Mother Nature is going to have to drag me, kicking and screaming, into fall.

And I’m trying really hard to be optimistic and look on the bright side of things.

Fall means I can turn on my oven again, without melting, and make lasagna and it will be cool enough to eat chilli and soup.  Yoga teacher training is starting.  Fall is butternut and spaghetti squash season.  And my best buds, The Big Bang Theory gang, will return soon.  And it means that it’s almost time for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to come out.  And the third book in the Matched trilogy, Reached, comes out in November.  And I’m going to France soon.

So you see, fall isn’t so bad.  It’s just a mental struggle for me.  Maybe I should go out and buy some new pens and see if that helps me shake the fall blues.

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