Randomness Vol. II

1.  Popsicle martinis from Ela! are AMAZING!  I would like to drink one everyday please.

2.  My brother needed to make gluten-free brownies for a potluck.  Since I live too far away to be of use to him, our sister was kind enough to help the guy out.  But they still called me for advice.  It made me feel important.

3.  I am super excited for the Big Brother finale!  Come on, Ian!  I strongly believe that Ian and Danielle should band together and vote Dan’s lying, back-stabbing, manipulative butt out of the Big Brother house!  I can’t believe Danielle let him talk her into putting Shane up on the block!!!!  Serves Danielle right Dan voted out her showmance.  I want Ian to win.  GO IAN!  Win it for the nerds!

4.  I am dating the real life version of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.  We were driving to the mall on the weekend, and Michael gave me a lesson on what the word “ceres” means. (It has something to do with agriculture, and that’s where the word cereal is derived from… if I’m remembering this correctly).  Who else goes on about useless information like that?  Sheldon.

5.  Did you know that you can put spaghetti squash in tacos and they’ll taste good?  I made Farmer’s Market Tacos from Cory at Eat and Relish, adding in a roasted cob of corn to the salsa, and they were pretty darn good!  If you’re looking for a way to get more vegetables into your life, go with these.

6.  In anticipation of our upcoming trip to France and visit to Carcassonne, Michael and I were watching Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves on Saturday, which got me thinking of the Walt Disney version, which got me wondering when that was made.  Which lead me to Wikipedia where I discovered it was made in 1973!  And then I found out Cinderella was made in 1950!!  I had absolutely no idea those movies were so old!  They must have been digitally remastered and re-released on VHS or something when I was younger.

7.  Now I really want to watch some old school Disney cartoons.

8.  Michael gave me a birthday card with Ariel on it, and it plays “Part of Your World” when you open it up.  Awesome!  That’s mermaid birthday cards from him two years in a row.

9.  I think it’s probably time I take my beach chair and umbrella out of my trunk.

10.  Remember when I told you about my coral and teal cropped pants?  Well, this weekend I bought a pair of hot pink jeans.  Love!

11.  My new favorite song is “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” by Pink.  The video is weird and I don’t get it, but I love the song and it always makes me feel like dancing!

One thought on “Randomness Vol. II

  1. Oh yes, Disney’s Cinderella is THAT old! It was one of the first movies our mother took us to when I was very little – and I’ll be celebrating 6 decades later this month 🙂

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