Fall Fun In The Annapolis Valley

There’s still more France to come, but I wanted to share this with you, in case you happened to be in Nova Scotia this weekend and you’re looking for something to do.

Every October the town of Kentville has some very special visitors.  These visitors are pumpkin people!

They’re part of the Valley Harvest Festival.

I’ve made it down to the valley to see the pumpkin people a couple of times in the last few years, and I’m hoping Michael and I will make it a yearly tradition.  As with everything, it took me a few years to convince him we should check it out, and then this year he was the one who suggested it.  Progress I think!

This year, we stopped at a Farmer’s Market in New Minas and I was blown away by the fall harvest bounty!  They had apples, of course, as the Annapolis Valley is known for its orchards, and the squash selection!  We ended up getting a spaghetti squash, two butternuts, brussel sprouts, the best looking sweet potatoes I’ve ever seen, kale, apples, and even some fresh strawberries!  I’m loving shopping at a local market, and I’m going to make an effort to try to get to the one here in town or Halifax more often.  All the vegetables looked so much better and fresher than what you see at the grocery store.

Then we wandered around and looked at the pumpkin people displays.  They have a different theme every year, and this year it was Pixar movies.  We saw Monsters Inc, the Incredibles, Shrek, Up, Toy Story, How to Tame a Dragon, and Brave.

Then we had lunch at Paddy’s in Kentville.  They also have a location in Wolfville.  Everything on the menu looked so delicious, it was hard to choose!  I ended up having a chicken quaesadilla with mango and brie and peach salsa.  Yum!

After lunch we stopped at a little cafe and got Skor squares for dessert.  In my opinion, the best squares you could ever make!

Then we did a wine tasting at Luckett oo.  Pete Luckett, the owner, also owns Pete’s Frootique in Bedford and Halifax, which are my favorite grocery stores!  You can also get delicious salads and sandwiches or pasta and pizzas at the Bedford location.  Michael and I sometimes go there for lunch and it  is always fantastic!  Pete actually ended up being at the winery!  He wasn’t doing our tasting, but just seeing him there, I felt like I was in the presence of a celebrity!

There’s a red British phone booth in the middle of the vineyard, and you can make free calls on it, so I called my sister, just to say that I was at a vineyard.

We bought our bottles of wine, and headed home to roast up our freshly purchased spaghetti squash for supper and drank our Luckett wine.  Then we watched Taken, in anticipation of seeing Taken 2 on Sunday night because Liam Neeson is Michael’s hero.

What a perfect way to spend a fall Saturday.

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