Paris Highlights – Jardin des Tuileries

One of my favorite places in Paris was the Jardin des Tuileries.  This garden is located between the Place de la Concorde (where the guillotine used to be) and the Louvre.  The garden was designed by the same gardener who planned the Versailles grounds.  No wonder I loved this garden so much because I absolutely loved Versailles!  More on that later.

Originally, the Jardin des Tuileries was the garden for the Palais des Tuileries that Catherine de Medicis had built.  The palace was eventually burnt to the ground and never rebuilt, but the gardens are still there.

And they are stunning!

Like the rest of Paris, the Jardin des Tuileries is so pretty!  There are many beautiful statues all over the place.  I’ve come the conclusion that nothing is plain in France.  Everything is decorated.

Flowers and statues and fountains.  What more does a garden need?

This was one of the last places I visited on my trip to France.  By that point, my mind was blown by all the gorgeous things I’d seen over the last two weeks.  Even with the constant beautiful surroundings (isn’t vacation rough?), the Jardin des Tuileries stood out to me as one of the prettiest places I’d seen in France.  I absolutely loved it there!

If I lived in Paris, I’m sure I would spend many an afternoon, sitting in the Jardin des Tuileries, eating a croissant aux amandes and drinking a coffee.

If you’re in Paris, make sure you spend some time there.

10 thoughts on “Paris Highlights – Jardin des Tuileries

  1. Natasha says:

    Mike and I slept next to these gardens after being robed blind in Paris. They are pretty now that you’ve described themM

  2. Very beautiful! How long ago were the photos taken? I am wondering if there are still flowers in bloom. I have an annual pass to the Chateau de Versailles and they’ve pulled all the flowers… I miss them. 😥 I absolutely love the croissants aux amandes!!

    • They were taken a couple of weeks ago… October 5th I think. Did I mention there was a goat there in the garden too when we were there? I don’t know where he came from.

      You have an annual pass to Chateau de Versailles??? You are so lucky!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the gardens there. I definitely didn’t have time to explore them completely… maybe one day I’ll go back.

      • I have been there about 8 times in the last couple weeks and I am no where near seeing it all!!
        A goat?! Lol! That is funny. One time when I lived in Arizona we went to the lake and there was a donkey hanging out right there on the waters edge.

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