Things That Real Men Could Learn From Edward Cullen

After seeing Breaking Dawn Part II, the final instalment in the Twilight Saga movie series, I’m still deep in the Twilight haze.  What is a “Twilight haze,” you may ask.  Well, let me tell you.

Twilight haze refers to the extreme desire to watch Twilight movies, read the Twilight books, or listen to the soundtracks from the movies continuously, while imagining what it would be like if either Jacob or Edward (depending on which team you’re on) was your real life boyfriend.

Yes, I am a grown woman, but I can’t stop.  I waxed poetic about my love of Edward Cullen before, so it’s no surprise which team I play for.  Although, I must admit, Jacob is growing on me.  His smile is so genuine and amazing, and there’s a scene in the new movie where he chuckles a nice honest laugh, and I found myself ever so slightly shifting a little closer to Team Jacob.  And yes, I realize that these aren’t real people.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, so after seeing the movie with a girl friend, I immediately called my boyfriend to gush about how amazing it was.  Of course he wasn’t as excited as I was, and was more interested in hearing about the zombie laced previews for World War Z (yes, I was the girl who had her eyes squeezed shut and ears plugged even though Brad Pitt was on the screen) and Warm Bodies.  And he definitely wasn’t impressed when I suggested that he should be more like Edward Cullen.

But this got me thinking.  I’ve decided that there is a lot mortal men can learn from my fictitious vampire boyfriend.  So I’ve compiled the following list of ways that men could be more like Edward Cullen.

  1. They should dress like Edward.  That vampire’s got style.  Men should wear button up or polo shirts in shades of navy or dark greys.  It looks hot.
  2. They could adopt an Edward Cullen inspired hair cut.  There’s a reason why Jessica referred to him as “the hair” in the speech she gave at Edward and Bella’s wedding.
  3. They could speak like him.  Edward’s got a way with words.  “No measure of time with you would be long enough, but let’s start with forever.”  Swoon.  Enough said.
  4. They could adore their women in an Edward-like fashion.  Edward knows how to make a lady feel like she’s the most special person in the universe, and that he couldn’t live without her.  He even went so far as to attempt suicide when he thought that Bella was dead.  Now, that’s a little extreme, but he also is generous with the compliments, telling Bella she’s beautiful.  I don’t think it’s asking for too much to be adored in such a manner.
  5. They could be her protector.  Edward would do anything to protect his woman.  Now this includes rescuing her from a tracker vampire, a crazed female vampire who is out for revenge, turning her into a vampire to save her from death after she gives birth to their half mortal/half immortal offspring, and battling the Volturi.  Again, all extreme examples, but the sentiment is there.
  6. They could surprise their love with an awesome trip.  Edward surprised Bella with an awesome trip to their own private island, passing through Brazil on the way.  I’d settle for any tropical destination, really.  It doesn’t have to be a private island.  Europe would work, too.  Really, any surprise trip would be nice.
  7. They could be chivalrous.  Edward is old school (he’s really 111 years old, you know).  Edward would woo and court his woman.  This means he’d hold doors for her, and put his coat over a mud puddle too, I’m sure.  Men could learn a lesson in manners from Edward.

So ladies, if you want to be treated like Bella, show your man this list.  And men, take head.  Love your lady a little more in the romantic vampire way.

What am I missing?  Are there any other Edward-like traits that I should add to this list?

6 thoughts on “Things That Real Men Could Learn From Edward Cullen

  1. See I am team Jacob all the way, mainly because I have lived my entire life surrounded by boys and men and NONE of them, family or friends have even remotely come close to being anything like Edward.. Which means he doesn’t exist and men do not have the capacity to be like him. But I have met men similar to Jacob in personality and therefore there is HOPE that men could learn a little from Jacob instead. Sorry Karen xo

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