Thoughtful Thursday – Mudita

So I’m thinking about trying out Thoughtful Thursday as a (hopefully) weekly feature.  I really like quotes, and there are so many great ones out there!

I like it when yoga teachers share a quote at the end of class, and when I was practice teaching, I liked to use quotes in my classes too.  That’s when I discovered just how many wonderful words of wisdom there are out there!  I also love browsing quote boards on Pinterest.

So since I’m not teaching yoga at the moment, but still would like to share beautiful words with people, I’m going to do it here.  It’s my blog and I can share what I want to!

We’ll see how it goes.  Sometimes I’ll just post the quote.  Sometimes I’ll talk about what it means to me.  It’s interesting how sometimes the words you need to hear have a way of finding you.

That’s where this week’s quote comes from.  It was in an article Yoga Journal sent to my inbox.  And they were words I needed to hear.

“If I am only happy for myself, many fewer chances for happiness.  If I am happy when good things happen to other people, billions more chances to be happy!”   -The Dalai Lama

The article was talking about mudita, which means being happy for others or finding joy in their good fortune instead of being jealous of them.

The green monster of jealousy sits on my shoulder on many occasions.  Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Facebook homepage and seeing all the awesome things going on in your friends’ lives and find yourself wanting what they have, no matter what good things are going on in your own life?


I like this quote because it reminds me that instead of begrudging others for what they have, I should work on cultivating happiness for them, and by doing that, I, myself, will be happier too.

So what do you think of Thoughtful Thursday?  I’d love to hear what you think!

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