Thoughtful Thursday – Aparigraha

“Approach change with curiosity and possibility rather than attachment and loss.”


I’m teaching a weekly yoga class now!

Exciting, but also kind of scary.

I kind of fell into it.  I was trying to go to this certain yoga class as much as possible, because I liked the teacher.  I missed a week or two due to scheduling conflicts and appointments, and the next thing you know, I show up to go to class and she’s taken the summer off.  The gym hadn’t found anyone to replace her yet, and boy, the regular yoginis weren’t happy about that.  I volunteered to take over the class for the summer, and there you have it.  I’m now teaching yoga, officially.

The theme of class last week was aparigraha.  “Apari-what?” you may ask.  Aparigraha is one of the yam as, the moral behaviours that make up one of the eight limbs of yoga philosophy (there’s more to yoga than just the poses).  It means non-grasping or not being attached to things.  If we are able to be unattached, it’s easier to let go, hence we suffer less.

I could think of no better theme to pick for my first class after taking over from a beloved yoga teacher.

I’m not sure what the students thought, but I hope they liked it.

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