Festivals! Part 1 – Greek Fest

Last year I finally convinced Michael that festivals were fun.  That meant going to Greek Fest took a lot less persuading this year.


I think I’ve decided that Greek Fest will be the official start to summer, and the kick off to festival season.  It was two weeks ago, and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Blue skies and sunshine!  It was a fabulous afternoon to drink frappes and munch on Greek salad, spanakopita, mousakka, and Greek potatoes…. Oh the potatoes!  All while sitting next to the water with a view of the yacht club.  Now if only I had my own yacht…


And the desserts!  The best baklava I’ve ever had!  And these almond and honey stuffed phyllo things.  So good!


*Disclaimer:  Not all those desserts were for me.  Michael and I shared.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the trip to Greece that was up for grabs.  Maybe next year?

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