Festivals! Part 2 – Multicultural Fest

The Multicultural Festival was a couple of weeks ago. It took place the week after Greek Fest, actually.  And again, it was another beautiful day!


There was a plethora of food options!  It was so hard to decide what to eat!  Did I want Indian food?  Or Chinese?  Or Caribbean?  Or African?


Mexican won.  I couldn’t resist the tostadas.  You know it’s going to be good when the booth has a line-up and people come up to you while your holding your food and ask where you got it because it looks so good. I also tried their horchata, this milk/rice drink concoction.  It kind of reminded me of cold chai because of the cinnamon in it.


Again, there were too many dessert options!  I ended up choosing this German variation on shortcake that had berries and whipped cream on top.  I devoured it too quickly to get a picture.  Michael opted for the softest, most delicious ginger cookies.

IMG_5132And what would a trip downtown be without a Theodore sighting?

Happy Wednesday!


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