I Made A Craft!

I would like to be a crafty person.  I would like to actually finish more than one scrapbook in my lifetime.  I’ve got a box full of scrapbooking supplies to help me out with that.

But I don’t always have the know-how to translate my perfect crafty vision (or the project I saw in a magazine or on Pinterest) into reality.  Things tend to end up looking less than perfect.

But this year I had a thought.  My front door is looking awful bare since the glitz of my sparkly red and green Christmas ornament wreath was put away.  Why not break up the monotony of winter with a pretty, festive Valentine’s wreath?

And why don’t I attempt to be crafty and make the wreath by gluing conversation hearts to a piece of styrofoam?  I could handle that.

Sorry for the crappy photo quality!  I hadn't really intended on blogging about the wreath until random people in the hallway complimented it

Sorry for the crappy photo quality! I hadn’t really intended on blogging about the wreath until random people in the hallway complimented it

A quick Google search revealed this wasn’t an original idea (I assumed it wasn’t anyway), but it gave me some ideas on what I’d need.

Off I went to the craft store and purchased my very own glue gun.  I had no idea they came in such an array of designs!  I chose the zebra print one with hot pink trim, obviously.  The extra $2 over the boring plain one was worth it.  You can get glue guns cheap!  I had no idea.  The mini fancy ones were only $5-6.

I accidentally purchased wired ribbon, which worked perfectly!  The wire helps the bow hold it’s shape.

I glued hearts to my wreath while watching Downton Abbey reruns.  Then I hung up my wreath, feeling quite pleased with myself.

A little while later I wanted to admire my wreath some more because it was just that awesome.  I opened my door, and there was a lady standing in the hallway taking a picture of my wreath!  I think she was embarrassed, which she had no need to be because who randomly opens their door to stare at their wreath?  I was kind of embarrassed myself.

A few days later, just before heading out to chisel a think layer of ice off my car, I had another compliment from a different neighbour down the hall.

So I guess this means I’m a regular Martha Stewart, right?

Which also explains the wicked flyer background. This was a text I sent to my sister, showing off my awesome new glue gun

How To Make A Conversation Heart Wreath

You’ll need:

Styrofoam wreath form – my first pick was a heart shaped one, but I couldn’t find one so I went with a round one instead

Glue gun and glue sticks

Conversation hearts – I bought two 525 g tubs from Wal-Mart and ended up using a full one and part of the second.

Wired ribbon

Modge Podge

Small foam brush


Pick a spot and start gluing candy hearts to your styrofoam wreath form, and keep going until the whole thing is covered.  I tried to keep the hearts as close together as possible, keeping the gaps between them minimal.  I didn’t like the look of wreaths that had the colors organized, so I just randomly glued hearts on, making sure the same colors didn’t touch each other.

Cut a piece of ribbon and tie a bow.  Trim the tails so they’re even.  Set aside.  Cut another piece of ribbon long enough to loop around wreath and to hang from your hook.  I looped the ribbon around the top of my wreath, and twisted the ends on the back.  I secured the twist with hot glue then tied the ends together at the top to make a loop to hang from the wreath hook.  I had to play with it a bit until I got the right length so the wreath hung where I wanted it.  Word to the wise, cut your ribbon longer than you need, because it’s easier to trim the excess.

Now I also read on the internet that I should seal my wreath to prevent moisture from ruining it.  So I’ve got some clear matte Modge Podge to apply, but haven’t gotten around to doing that yet.  Before I put it away for the year I’m definitely going to seal it, because I want to have my wreath to enjoy for many years to come!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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