The Easiest-Best-Three-Ingredient-Chicken Recipe Ever (aka Salt and Pepper Chicken)

Holy moly, that’s a long title!

But it’s true!  This is the easiest, but also the best, chicken recipe you’ll ever make.  And you only need three ingredients.

Although the title is long, it is accurate.


But before we get to the chicken, let’s discuss Big Brother 15!

You know it’s officially summer once Big Brother starts.  And you know I think of the Big Brother cast as my BFFs since I hang out with them all summer long.  What a season it’s shaping up to be!

I don’t think there’s ever been such intense game play right off the bat like this.  Going after the strong players at first is practically unheard of!

And the hostility!  This is the meanest group of hot people I’ve ever seen.  For having good looks, some of these girls just don’t have beautiful insides to go along with them.  Just because you’re pretty does not give you permission to be nasty.

Other things I’ve found interesting about this season so far include:

1.  Aaryn and David were probably the shortest lived showmance ever.  It’s too bad he got voted out so early.  He was interesting to watch and got a lot of screen time.  But, lucky for him, I think he dodged a bullet by getting voted out and nipping that relationship in the bud.

2.  What is up with the relationship between Amanda and McRae??  Weirdest showmance ever!  But he’s grown on me.  He’s kinda sweet in that nerdy awkward kind of way.  And he told her she was his queen.  Isn’t that really all any woman wants in a relationship?  Good for the pizza delivery boy!

3.  What was up with GinaMarie’s meltdown over Nick being voted out?  You would have thought someone died.  She’d only known him a couple of weeks.  I don’t get it.  I can’t fully get on board with GinaMarie because she’s one of the mean girls.

4.  I’m not sure how I feel about the whole MVP thing.  My theory is that CBS changed it this week to have America vote for the third nominee instead of a MVP who could nominate a third houseguest because they were tired of America voting Elissa, Rachel’s sister, as MVP every week.

So there’s my Big Brother rant.

Now, back to chicken.  I wasn’t going to blog it because it’s so simple, but then I decided because it is so good, you need to know about it.

I first made this last summer after going on a major pinning binge and pinning like every Martha Stewart chicken recipe.  This one caught my eye because Michael is in love with Boston Pizza’s salt and pepper chicken wings, and I may steal one from his order every time he gets them so I can confirm that they are delicious.  If salt and pepper wings taste awesome, why wouldn’t salt and pepper chicken breast grilled on the BBQ?


Salt and Pepper Grilled Chicken

slightly adapted from Martha Stewart

Serves 2, easily multiplied

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper

2 chicken breasts (I used boneless, skinless)

Combine salt and pepper in small bowl.  Rub all over chicken breasts.  Let sit room temperature for 30 minutes (this kinda skeeved me out because I don’t like to let meat sit out on the counter, so I let them sit at room temperature for a bit, and then I put in the fridge until I was ready to BBQ).  Preheat grill to medium heat.  Grill until cooked through (no longer pink, juices run clear, use a meat thermometer if you’re not sure) about 10-15 minutes per side depending on thickness of your chicken.


I like to top the chicken with a fresh fruit salsa and serve with rice.  This time I used grilled pineapple salsa.


End Of Summer Wrap Up

You know summer is over when Big Brother names a winner.

The BB house guests are pretty much my BFFs all summer, since we hang out three times a week.  I’m pretty sure that’s the most I see anyone besides my co-workers or Michael.

I know television is over-saturated with reality shows now, but Big Brother is one of the originals, and I’ve been watching it every season pretty much from the beginning.  It really is one of my fave shows, and I don’t care if it’s trash or that Michael hates it and refuses to be in the room when it’s on.  I love it and I’m gonna watch it, and I’m going to become emotionally attached to the players.

This season, I was devastated when Brittany was voted out because she was one of my favorites, and I wish we could be friends in real life.

But I was so happy that Ian pulled out the win!

I especially loved how Shane and Brittany were loving it and getting so excited in the background as Julie was reading the votes.

So since it’s officially the end of summer now that Big Brother is over, let’s see how I did on my summer to-do list.

  2. Go to Citadel Hill
  3. Go to Greek Fest
  4. Go to the Multicultural Festival
  5. See the Tall Ships
  6. See the Buskers
  7. Grill pizza on the BBQ
  8. Make lasagna on the BBQ
  9. Make a mojito
  10. Make mango margaritas
  11. Go mini-golfing
  12. Have a bonfire
  13. Do yoga on the beach
  14. Watch the sunset over the water and watch more sunsets in general
  15. Make more ice cream in my ice cream maker
  16. Go to the market
  17. Have drinks on a patio
  18. Go whale watching
  19. Go to Lunenburg
  20. Visit a winery

Fifteen out of twenty.  Not bad.  And visiting a winery might get crossed off yet.

Forgive me.  I’m going on vacation for two weeks, and in a perfect world, I would’ve planned ahead and scheduled posts for while I’m away… but I’m me, and I’ve been busy doing yoga, laundry, packing, visiting the dry cleaners of all places, and almost killing my laptop by sort of dropping it on the floor.  So no posts for two weeks.

Don’t miss me too much 🙂