Frosty Treat, An Island Landmark

On Prince Edward Island, there is a little town called Kensington.  And Kensington is home to the best (in my opinion) dairy bar there ever was!

I’ve been going to Frosty Treat, or Frosty’s as my family refers to it, all my life.

My parents went there when they were dating in the ’70s, and it continues to be a family favorite.

Growing up, I didn’t even know it had a name.  We just called it the “dairy bar” and to me, it was the only one that existed.  There’s another dairy bar down the road, but given the choice, I always go with Frosty’s.

Michael wanted to stop at the other one when we were on PEI because he said he wanted to try something new, and I wouldn’t let him.  That’s just blasphemy!  He’s relatively new to the whole PEI thing, so I don’t think he fully understands.

My aunt, from New Brunswick, loves Frosty’s ice cream so much, that when we were little, she would tell my cousins and I that she could smell Frosty’s when she was getting close.  And she always orders her ice cream first, before her meal.

As for meals, well I always order the chicken fingers.  They come with fries, cole slaw, and the most delicious toasted bun (it’s buried under the fries).

And the ice cream!  It`s so creamy and delicious!  The best soft serve there ever was!  And the options!

You can get a chocolate dip.

Nutty dip.

Rainbow roll.


Flavor burst.

In a waffle cone.

Or, my mom`s favorite, combination, which is white and vanilla soft serve twisted together.

All this talk of ice cream is making me wish I was there right now!

So if you ever find yourself on Prince Edward Island in the summertime, do what Frosty`s TV commercial says and “Don’t drive by, drive in.”  You’ll be glad you did.