Open for Business!

Remember four months ago when I told you I had taken cross stitching up as a hobby?  Well, not I’ve turned that hobby into an Etsy shop!

And guess what my shop is called?  AFreckleInTime!

I’m going to use it as a fundraiser.  Money I earn from AFreckleInTime on Etsy will be donated to the Walk For Alzheimer’s and support the Canadian Alzheimer Society.

As Michael Scott would say, it’s a win win win solution (Did you ever see the “Conflict Resolution” episode of The Office?  Check it out!  It’s on Netflix).  I win because I have fun cross stitching these colourful designs, and I find the finished cards just adorable!  The person who receives the card wins because they are just so cute to look at.  And the Alzheimer’s Society wins, because awareness and money is raised to help support them in their fight against this horrible disease.

So check it out and spread the word to all your friends!


** Special thanks to designers Lucie Heaton and Maria Diaz (0n behalf of The World of Cross Stitching magazine and Immediate Media Co) for their kind permission to use their beautiful patterns.

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