Hot Fudge Chocolate Mousse Sundae

So things I wanted to tell you…  Let’s start with my new found appreciation for Channing Tatum and his muscles.

I recently watched Magic Mike for the first time and fell in lust with Channing Tatum.  I don’t usually go for the muscled stud muffin.  I mostly prefer the vampire type… you know, like Edward Cullen.  Or Damon or Stefan Salvatore (my new vampire obsession).


Maybe it was the fact that he was dancing around half naked for most of the movie.  Steamy!

I couldn’t help but wonder, as I watched Channing and his buds dance around half (and sometimes even mostly) naked on stage, is that what really goes on at a strip club?  Like, do the strippers actually thrust their thong wearing crotches in women’s faces?  And do women actually enjoy said crotch in their face?

Call me naive, but I’ve never been to a strip club, nor do I have any desire to go to one.  I have a feeling I would be incredibly uncomfortable and I would feel extremely awkward in such an environment.

So after my introduction to Channing as Magic Mike, who seemed like a really nice guy just trying to make some money to get his custom furniture business off the ground, I thought I’d give Dear John a try.  I’d never had any desire to watch it before, but it was on Netflix and if Channing was in it, how bad could it be?

Let me just say, I was looking for a nice, uplifting, romance to keep me company that Sunday afternoon… and, well, I guess I should have know better than to look to Nicholas Sparks to scratch that itch. I felt so bad for John!  Poor guy.

But the good part is, he spent part of the movie surfing… which meant he had his shirt off.  So it wasn’t a total loss.

I still kind of want to see Safe Haven.  That girl from the Footloose remake is in it and so is Josh Duhamel… and he’s kind of dreamy too.  Maybe I should give Mr. Sparks another chance.  But I’m scared I’ll be disappointed.

I know something that won’t disappoint you and will be almost as good as Channing Tatum with no shirt on.

This sundae is so fabulous!  I was skeptical. How would melted chocolate and whipped cream turn into anything remotely ice cream-like in texture?  Rest assured, the mousse firms up nicely in the freezer.

This is so easy and quick and delicious.  It makes a super yummy summertime dessert.

You don’t need to watch Dear John, but you do need this sundae in your life.


Hot Fudge Chocolate Mousse Sundae

slightly adapted from Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine April 2013

Serves 1, easily multiplied

2 squares (approx. 2 oz) bittersweet chocolate, chopped

2 tbsp + 2 tbsp + 2 tbsp whipping cream

2 tsp honey

Peanut pieces and maraschino cherry for garnish

Microwave chocolate and 2 tbsp cream for 10 seconds, stir then repeat until chocolate is melted.  Add honey and stir until smooth.  Reserve 2 tbsp of the chocolate for sundae topping.

Use electric hand mixer to whip 2 tbsp cream until stiff peaks form.  Fold in melted chocolate.  Freeze for 15 minutes or so until mousse is firm.

Meanwhile, whip remaining 2 tbsp cream using electric mixer or put in a small sealed container and shake until firm.  Careful. Don’t get to crazy or you’ll end up with butter (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything).  Put in fridge to chill.

Once mousse is firm, scoop into a bowl.  Reheat reserved chocolate topping for 10 seconds in microwave.  Top mousse with whipped cream, warmed chocolate sauce, peanuts, and cherry.

IMG_5067Mondays often need a little help… and this sundae is very helpful.

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